Since 2005, our goal when filming scenes for Next Door World has been to produce the best quality gay porn for our fans while protecting the performers who bring these fantasies to life. Next Door Studios policy has required a full panel STD/STI test for every performer prior to filming a scene. These vigorous tests go above and beyond the norm for gay studios in the adult industry and help to assure the well-being of our performers. Until recently, we also required all performers wear a condom in all of our productions. Over the years, as testing methods have evolved and improved, new and more accurate tests have become available that are able to detect STD's/STI's or hepatitis within days of infection instead of weeks or months.

We recently polled our members about what they enjoyed about our site and how we could improve their experience. An overwhelming response was that they wanted to see fresh faces and performers not found elsewhere, different scene settings and new scenarios, including scenes without condoms.

We are committed to meeting our member's expectations. With their feedback we have signed new, exclusive Next Door Studios models including: Austin Storm, Brandon Bronco, Christian Cayden, Cole Christiansen, Dante Martin, Jax Dylan, Mario Torrez and Slate Steele. We also hired a new director to bring a fresh and modern direction to our production. In addition, we made the decision to occasionally film condom-free scenes.

We will continue to stringently test our performers, whether they choose to use condoms or not when filming a scene, with the most accurate STD/STI tests currently available. All tests are performed at an independently accredited laboratory using the HIV RNA PCR test . For the performers who choose to go bareback we test 3 weeks for HIV only, then 10 days full panel testing for all STD then the morning of the scene with the HIV home kit available at your local pharmacy.

The decision of whether to use a condom when performing in a scene is left entirely at the discretion of our models. We respect each performer's right to choose whether or not to use condoms and will not coerce them in their decisions in any way.

We believe the purpose when filming porn for our audience is to provide a fantasy scenario within a safe environment. We believe in safer sex practices and encourage our fans to make informed decisions when it comes to safe sex.