Straight Chexxx

From Director Rocco Fallon comes a story of love, lust and the struggles many guys experience as they search to find themselves both personally and sexually in a world that filled with challenges and drama. Starring Next Door Studios exclusives Quentin Gainz, Markie More, Ty Thomas, Jimmy Clay, Mark Long and Dean Phoenix, STRAIGHT CHEXXX will take you on the journey these young men experience and all the emotions, struggles, passion and lust that comes with finding your sexual maturity and leads them to experience some of the hottest gay sex ever filmed for Next Door.

When best friends Mark (Mark Long) and Markie (Markie More) find themselves moving into a new place next to some sexually charged neighbors, the new atmosphere ushers in a sea of lustful thoughts and twists that leave us all wishing to live out that Next Door fantasy. It’s a small world and it only gets smaller as the new neighbors begin to connect with Quentin (Quentin Gainz) the struggling actor who loves to show off and his roommate Jimmy (Jimmy Clay) who it seems can’t control his sexual appetite even with his hot MILF girlfriend who loves to see Jimmy play nicely with the boys. Fortunately, Quentin has a good friend Ty (Ty Thomas) who helps him get away from the distractions of Jimmy’s playtime and offers Quentin a sanctuary to study his scripts and vent even as Quentin’s own actions lead him to cross lines he didn’t expect to when he meets an an influential director, Dean Phoenix. The drama thickens as the bad blood of a hidden past between Ty and Mark is revealed that few knew about. Ty is still searching for himself and who he is sexually, but Mark is not so happy to entertain the reunion. The actions that unfold begin to test Mark and Markie’s friendship when faced with jealousy and lust and a hidden fantasy becomes reality.

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